Release Information for Versions 2.0 of Spartacus Libraries

Final 2.0 released June 3, 2020!

Last updated June 3, 2020 by Bill Marcotte, Senior Product Manager, Spartacus



This document describes what is included in all Spartacus 2.x libraries since 2.0.

For release information about Spartacus 1.x, see Release Information for Versions 1.0-1.5 of Spartacus Libraries in our version 1.x documentation archive.

Note: Spartacus 2.x requires Angular 9. For more information, see Updating to Version 2.0.

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Release 2.0

Release 2.0.0 libraries published June 3, 2020

As Release 2.0 is a new major version, it contains breaking changes. To migrate to 2.0 from 1.x, see the following documentation:

The following is a summary of the major changes introduced in 2.0:

For a detailed list of all changes for 2.0 and previous ‘next’ releases of the Spartacus libraries, see the Spartacus project release page on GitHub.

About Spartacus Releases

  • Libraries that are “released” are new, official, tested Spartacus libraries available to the public (hosted on
  • We usually publish new libraries every 2 weeks
  • A change in minor means we added new features, but they are configured to be off by default, so as not to cause compatibility issues. A new minor also means inclusion of changes or bug fixes that may affect compatibility, but these are also controlled by feature flags. So all significant changes are “opt-in”. See feature flag documentation for more information.
  • We will normally publish pre-release libraries labelled ‘next’ a few weeks before a new minor release. The goal is to provide early access to new features and get feedback from the community.
  • If you choose not to use a new feature, you should have no problems upgrading to a new Major.# with features flag set to a previous Major.#. If you do see a problem, please report a bug and we’ll assess and fix it. We encourage you to upgrade to latest libraries frequently during development in order to take advantage of bug fixes and new features.
  • To be able to use all functionality in Spartacus 2.*, release 2005 of SAP Commerce Cloud is required. The latest patch release is required or at least strongly recommended, as it usually contains bug fixes that affect Spartacus (for example, ASM requires 1905.5 and Save for Later features requires 1905.11). However, Spartacus 2.* also works and is tested with release 1905; Spartacus features that rely on new APIs introduced in 2005 (such as cancellations and returns) are not available.

How Spartacus is Versioned

Spartacus is following semantic versioning (Major.Minor.Patch).

  • A new patch release (1.2.3 > 1.2.4 for example) means we added fixes or improvements but no new features.
  • A new minor release (1.2.4 > 1.3.0 for example) means we added a new feature and possibly fixes and improvements.

For both patch and minor releases, upgrading to the new libraries should not cause any compatibility problems with your storefront app. (If it does, report a bug.) All new features and fixes are implemented in a compatible way. For example, all new features are disabled by default using feature flags. We hope you will upgrade frequently.

  • A new major release (1.3.2 > 2.0.0 for example) means that, besides adding new features and improvements, we made changes that will likely cause compatibility issues. Your app likely needs updating when moving to a new major release. These effects, reasons, and benefits will be documented.

We don’t plan to introduce a new major release that frequently, unless an issue is found that makes it necessary to move to a major release . For example, a new major release of the Angular framework is one factor in our decision to move to a new major for Spartacus.

Upgrading Spartacus Libraries to a New Minor Version

You can upgrade your Spartacus libraries to a new minor version, as follows:

  1. In package.json, set your @spartacus libraries to “~2.#.0", where # is replaced with the release version number you wish to upgrade to.

    If you are upgrading from 1.x to the latest 1.5 release in order to then upgrade to 2.x, in package.json, set your @spartacus libraries to “~1.5.5".

  2. Delete your node_modules folder.
  3. Run yarn install.

Future Releases

See the separate roadmap document.