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Minor and Major Release Policy for the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript


This release policy only applies to the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript. It's not relevant for the SAP Cloud SDK for Java!

Planned Major Release Schedule

The SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript follows semantic versioning.

VersionStatusRelease DateLink to Announcement
1.xDeprecatedMarch 2019N/A
2.xReleased GAFebruary 2022Version 2.x
3.xPlannedQ1/Q2 2023TBD

Minor and Major Release Policy


  • We release a new minor version every 2 weeks, assuming new functionality or fixes are available.
  • We release a new major version every 6 to 12 months.
  • A few months before the major release, we announce the expected changes and planned release date.

Upgrading to a New Minor Version

  • Upgrade to a new minor release version should not involve any effort because we do not introduce breaking changes.
TypeScript version bumps

We regularly upgrade TypeScript to the latest stable version. In rare cases this can lead to compilation errors for projects using TypeScript. The solution is usually upgrading TypeScript to the latest stable version.

Upgrading to a New Major Version

  • We provide a step-by-step upgrade guide for each major version.
  • Following the upgrade steps should take less than a day of development effort regardless of the project size.


  • The documentation is always up to date with the latest major release.
  • We will use tabs to demonstrate a difference between the versions where required.

Major version documentation

  • We will maintain documentation for the two most recent versions.
  • With every new major version release the oldest documented version is removed from the documentation portal.

We will always provide a branch with the latest snapshot of the documentation before the major version release. You can use that branch to host documentation for the earlier version locally.

Fixes and Maintenance

  • We provide new features and fixes only for the latest major release of the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript.

Support and feedback

We are happy to hear from you and usually respond within one day. Check our support channels and chose the one that works best for you.