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Release Policy

The SAP Cloud SDK follows semantic versioning.

Planned Major Release Schedule

VersionStatusRelease Date
1.xDeprecatedMarch 2019
2.xDeprecatedFebruary 2022
3.xReleased GAFebruary 2023
4.xPlannedQ1/Q2 2025

Upgrading to a New Major Version

  • We provide a step-by-step upgrade guide for each major version.
  • Following the upgrade steps should take less than a day of development effort regardless of the project size.

Fixes and Maintenance

  • We provide new features and fixes only for the latest major release of the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript.

Minor Release Policy

We release a new minor version every 2 weeks, assuming new functionality or fixes are available.

Upgrading to a New Minor Version

Upgrading to a new minor release version should not involve any effort because we do not introduce breaking changes.

TypeScript version bumps

We regularly upgrade TypeScript to the latest stable version. In rare cases this can lead to compilation errors for projects using TypeScript. The solution is usually upgrading TypeScript to the latest stable version.