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Download Specification Files from SAP Business Accelerator Hub

This guide demonstrates the steps to download OData and OpenAPI specification files (specs) from SAP Business Accelerator Hub.

When Do I Need A Specification File?

To consume an OData or OpenAPI service, you need to generate a corresponding client. The documentation of the generator packages can be found below:

  • @sap-cloud-sdk/generator for generating an OData client (see doc)
  • @sap-cloud-sdk/openapi-generator for generating an OpenAPI client (see doc)

Steps To Download A Specification File

  1. Go to SAP Business Accelerator Hub.
  2. Click login, as this is necessary for downloading the specs.
  3. Search for the service you want to consume like "business partner". The search results should look like the screenshot below.
  4. Apply filters for targeting a specific service by clicking the Show Filters button. For example, to filter only S/4HANA Cloud services, in the Product list, select SAP S/4HANA Cloud.
  1. Click the service name, when you find your service, so you can see a similar page like the screenshot below.

  2. Click API Specification

  3. Scroll down and download the EDMX file for an OData service. (For OpenAPI, choose YAML or JSON)

Try out sandbox systems

If you're unsure whether the chosen service is correct, click Try Out to test the sandbox system, which exposes a few endpoints.