Known Issues

Note: Spartacus 4.x is no longer maintained. Please upgrade to the latest version.

Updated March 18th, 2022

An update in the hamburgers npm package causes build failure in Spartacus

The latest update to the hamburgers npm package (version 1.2.1) causes builds of Spartacus SASS files to fail. This update to the hamburgers library uses a function that is not supported by the version of SASS (1.29) that was used by older versions of Spartacus 3.4 and 4.3. This has been addressed in the most recent patch releases for Spartacus (3.4.8 and 4.3.1), but if you are unable to migrate to these patches, the suggested workaround is to manually downgrade your version of the hamburgers library.

In package.json, you can either set "hamburgers": "~1.1.3", or you can use resolutions in package.json to force hamburgers 1.1.3, as follows:

"resolutions": {
    "hamburgers": "1.1.3"

Note: It is important to commit yarn.lock to your repo.

For further information, see Spartacus GitHub Issue 15389.