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What OData Protocol Versions Are Supported?

OData protocol versionSAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript
OData v2
OData v4

What Is OData?

OData is an open standard for building and consuming RESTful APIs. It defines a query language to send and retrieve data via HTTP and to perform operations on data.

There are two widely used versions of the protocol: OData v2 and OData v4. The latter comes with more and improved functionality. Full details on the standards are to be found in the documentation.

Entity Data Model (EDM)

OData uses the Entity Data Model (EDM) to represent values such as strings, numbers, dates, and times. Normally when using the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript, you won't need to care about the details of EDM. When executing a request using the OData client, the SAP Cloud SDK will automatically convert EDM data types to JavaScript/TypeScript values.

Code Generator

You can use the SAP Cloud SDK generator to generate a typed API client for any OData service. The necessary service definitions use the .edmx file format and contain metadata of OData service. If you have access to the service, you can obtain them by navigating to the http(s)://<service-path>/$metadata endpoint. The generator can be called via a command-line interface or programmatically.


We simplify connectivity to SAP-enabled OData services via type-safe abstractions over Destinations, authentication, and related concepts.