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This package contains functions of OData v2 client.


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The SAP Cloud SDK is released under the Apache License Version 2.0.


Re-exports AllFields
Re-exports BatchChangeSet
Re-exports ComplexTypeField
Re-exports Constructable
Re-exports ConstructorOrField
Renames and re-exports CustomOrDefaultType
Re-exports DeSerializer
Renames and re-exports DeSerializers
Re-exports DeserializedType
Re-exports EdmTypeField
Re-exports EntityApi
Re-exports EntityBase
Re-exports EntityBuilder
Re-exports EntityBuilderType
Re-exports FieldBuilder
Re-exports FieldOptions
Re-exports Link
Re-exports OneToManyLink
Re-exports OneToOneLink
Re-exports OperationParameter
Re-exports OrderableEdmTypeField
Re-exports PropertyMetadata
Re-exports RequestBuilder
Re-exports Time
Re-exports and
Re-exports asc
Re-exports desc
Re-exports entityBuilder
Re-exports not
Re-exports or
Re-exports throwErrorWhenReturnTypeIsUnionType
Re-exports transformVariadicArgumentToArray