Represents an erroneous response to a retrieve or change set request within a batch request.

interface ErrorResponse {
    body: Record<string, any>;
    httpCode: number;
    isError: (() => this is ErrorResponse);
    isReadResponse: (() => this is ReadResponse<any>);
    isSuccess: (() => this is ReadResponse<any> | WriteResponses<any>);
    isWriteResponses: (() => this is WriteResponses<any>);
    responseType: "ErrorResponse";


  • BatchResponseTypeGuards<any>
    • ErrorResponse


body: Record<string, any>

HTTP raw body.

httpCode: number

HTTP response status code.

isError: (() => this is ErrorResponse)

Type declaration

isReadResponse: (() => this is ReadResponse<any>)

Type declaration

isSuccess: (() => this is ReadResponse<any> | WriteResponses<any>)

Type declaration

isWriteResponses: (() => this is WriteResponses<any>)

Type declaration

responseType: "ErrorResponse"

Tag for identifying the type of a batch response.

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