Represents a single subresponse to a changeset request within a batch request.

interface WriteResponse<DeSerializersT> {
    as?: (<EntityT>(entityApi) => EntityT);
    body?: Record<string, any>;
    httpCode: number;
    responseType: "WriteResponse";
    type?: EntityApi<EntityBase, DeSerializersT>;

Type Parameters

  • DeSerializersT extends DeSerializers

    Type of the (de-)serializers.


as?: (<EntityT>(entityApi) => EntityT)

Transform the raw string body into an instance of the given constructor. Note that the response may not exist, so you should only call this method if you know that there is data.

Type declaration

body?: Record<string, any>

HTTP raw body.

httpCode: number

HTTP response status code.

responseType: "WriteResponse"

Tag for identifying the type of a batch response.

EntityApi of the response data. Can be undefined for function/action imports or not mappable entities.

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