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Extensions Overview

What Are Extensions?

By providing versatile and reliable core functionality to aid modern cloud development SAP Cloud SDK also becomes an important integration layer for various SAP technologies. To leverage this and benefit developers using the SAP Cloud SDK, we accept contributions from libraries and services coherent with the SAP Cloud SDK's mission and value proposition.

How Extension Different From Other Features?

We make sure extension libraries are well integrated into the SAP Cloud SDK's ecosystem. They are called extensions to make it clear they are not the core SAP Cloud SDK components. It doesn't make the features introduced by them less valuable for a developer. These extensions are usually shipped in separate packages similar to libraries generated from API definitions.

Extension vs Type-Safe API Client Library?

Usually, with an extension, you get more than a nice API client but also a hand-crafted code specific to needs that go beyond calling and API.

Where Can I Find Supported Extensions?

Visit the extension library in the left-side menu.

Benefits for Developers Using the SAP Cloud SDK

  • More features and simplicity out of the box
  • Well integrated with other SAP Cloud SDK features like destination handling, multi-tenancy, resilience, caching, etc.
  • Single initial support channel
  • High code quality ensured by SAP Cloud SDK team
  • Consistent APIs
  • Detailed documentation by developers

Benefits for Contributors


At the moment only services and libraries from within SAP can be contributed and released together with SAP Cloud SDK for Java.

  • Increased adoption thanks to the SAP Cloud SDK user base
  • On-boarding to the best development practices
  • Code reviews by the SAP Cloud SDK team
  • High level of automation in the contribution process
  • Ship your library to Maven Central with SAP Cloud SDK
  • Easy process to document your extension on the SAP Cloud SDK's documentation portal

How To Contribute?

If you:

  • Maintain a library in the SAP cloud ecosystem
  • Have a service in the SAP cloud ecosystem that you believe will strengthen the SAP Cloud SDK offering and provides additional value to your customers by being part of the SAP Cloud SDK
  • Know a service or library within SAP that you would like to use in the context of SAP Cloud SDK

We're happy to hear from you via email: or reach out to us via SAP internal communication channels.

What if you're outside of SAP

If you're outside of SAP but know about a valuable library or service missing from the SAP Cloud SDK offering, please, let us know.

Feedback and Support

We hope you're happy developing with the SAP Cloud SDK for Java. We're happy to hear back from you to help us further improve. Send you feedback, ideas, suggestions to