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This packages contains the generator to create your own service module using a service specification (.edmx file).


$ npm install @sap-cloud-sdk/generator

Usage (CLI)

The generator is primarily meant to be used on the command line:

generate-odata-client --inputDir path/to/your/service-specification(s) --outputDir path/where/the/modules/are/stored

Run generate-odata-client --help for further options.

Usage (programatically)

You can also use the generator programmatically. You will have to provide the options anyways.

import { generate } from '@sap-cloud-sdk/generator';

// initialize generator options based on what you want to do
const options: GeneratorOptions = initializeOptions();

// generate the client using the provided options

For more detailed overview visit our generator documentation.


The recommended way to get in touch with us is to create an issue on GitHub. Select the issue category Bug, Feature or Question depending on the nature of your request. We try to provide fixes, features and answers as soon as possible.


If you would like to contribute to the SAP Cloud SDK, please make yourself familiar with our contributing guidelines and follow the given instructions.



The SAP Cloud SDK is released under the Apache License Version 2.0.




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