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Important updates


Configuration of maven builder has changed.

As of version 1.1.0, the mvn clean package command is used where the maven builder is configured for building a module or in a global build step.

NOTE: The maven builder is configured implicitly for the java module type.

If you want to keep the previous behavior, that is, to apply the mvn -B package command, you can use the maven_deprecated builder or custom builder as shown in the examples below.

NOTE: The maven_deprecated builder will be removed on July 2021.


If you want to use the old mvn -B package command instead of the maven builder that now triggers the mvn clean package command, you need to change the build parameters of the relevant module in one of the following ways:

Option 1: Set maven_deprecated as the module builder parameter.

- name: mymodule
      builder: maven_deprecated

Option 2: Configure the custom builder.

- name: mymodule
      builder: custom
        - mvn -B package
      build-result: target/*.war 

The same approach can be implemented if the maven builder is used in the global build step.