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SAP Vocabularies for semantic markup of structured data published via OData services.

SAP Vocabularies

This repository defines the following SAP vocabularies:

These vocabularies complement the OASIS OData Vocabularies published by the OASIS OData Technical Committee.

To learn how to construct an annotation value from a term definition, or vice versa, look here:

Vocabulary-based annotations fully replace the old SAP Annotations for OData Version 2.0


Each vocabulary in this repository is described by three files: the *.xml source file, an auto-generated equivalent *.json representation, and a *.md Markdown description, also auto-generated from the *.xml source.

No specific tools are needed to use these vocabulary files.

Contributors to this repository will need to run the generators, which require Node.js to be installed.

Download and Installation

The tools in this repository are only needed by contributors to refresh the *.json and *.md files after changing the *.xml source files. These tools require Node.js to be installed.


Clone or download this repository, go to its root folder, and type

npm install


Edit only the XML files, then refresh the JSON and Markdown files with

npm run build

Known Issues

No known issues.

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