Interface representing the return type of the builder function entitySerializer.

interface EntitySerializer {
    serializeComplexType: (<ComplexTypeNamespaceT>(fieldValue, complexTypeNameSpace) => any);
    serializeEntity: (<EntityT>(entity, entityApi, diff?) => Record<string, any>);
    serializeEntityNonCustomFields: (<EntityT>(entity, entityApi) => Record<string, any>);


serializeComplexType: (<ComplexTypeNamespaceT>(fieldValue, complexTypeNameSpace) => any)

Method to serialize a complex type to JSON.

Type declaration

serializeEntity: (<EntityT>(entity, entityApi, diff?) => Record<string, any>)

Converts an instance of an entity class into a JSON payload to be sent to an OData service.

Type declaration

    • <EntityT>(entity, entityApi, diff?): Record<string, any>
    • Type Parameters


      Returns Record<string, any>

serializeEntityNonCustomFields: (<EntityT>(entity, entityApi) => Record<string, any>)

Like EntitySerializer#serializeEntity ignoring custom fields.

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