Represents an HTTP request config. This is the basis for actual request configurations and request configurations with origins.

interface HttpRequestConfigBase {
    data?: any;
    httpAgent?: any;
    httpsAgent?: any;
    maxContentLength?: number;
    method: Method;
    middleware?: HttpMiddleware[];
    parameterEncoder?: ParameterEncoder;
    proxy?: false;
    url?: string;
    [key: string]: any;


[key: string]: any


data?: any

Data sent in the request body.

httpAgent?: any

The custom agent used when performing http requests.

httpsAgent?: any

The custom agent used when performing https requests.

maxContentLength?: number

The max size of the http response content in bytes.

method: Method

The request method used when making the request.

middleware?: HttpMiddleware[]

Middleware @sap-cloud-sdk/resilience!Middleware to be applied to the request. The request context is set using @sap-cloud-sdk/http-client!HttpMiddlewareContext.

parameterEncoder?: ParameterEncoder

Encoder for the query parameters key and values. Per default parameters and keys are percent encoded.

proxy?: false

Set this to false to disable the proxy. To configure the proxy you can add a @sap-cloud-sdk/connectivity!ProxyConfiguration to your destination.

url?: string

Server URL that will be used for the request. Relative url can be used together with DestinationHttpRequestConfig#baseURL.

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