Class Filter<EntityT, DeSerializersT, FieldT>

Represents a filter expression to narrow the data on a GetAllRequestBuilder request for multiple entities that match the specified criteria. A filter refers to the field of an entity and restricts the request based on an operator and a value. Entity.FIELD_NAME.operator(value).


`Product.NAME.equals('cloud-sdk')` creates a filter for the entity `Product` that matches in case the field `NAME` equals 'cloud-sdk'.

See also: {@link Filterable}.

Type Parameters

  • EntityT extends EntityBase

    Type of the entity to be filtered on.

  • DeSerializersT extends DeSerializers
  • FieldT

    Type of the field to be filtered by.




_deSerializers: DeSerializersT

Dummy property to also include the deserializer type in the structure of the entity type.

_entity: EntityT

Entity type of the entity tp be filtered.

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field: string | FilterFunction<EntityT, FieldT>
operator: FilterOperator
value: FieldT