Development Tools for Spartacus

The Spartacus team works with a number of development tools that are recommended if you are contributing to the Spartacus project.

Code Editor

We recommend Microsoft Visual Studio Code. It offers a number of workspace extensions and settings that help ensure code quality.

Workspace Extensions

We use a number of VS Code extensions for productivity and code compliance. When you open the source folder in VS Code, if you are missing any of the recommended extensions, VS Code prompts you to install them.

You can see the list of recommended extensions in .vscode/extensions.json.

If you are missing any of the recommended extensions, please install them.

Workspace Settings

We also make use of VS Code workspace settings. If you want to add or change something, please propose the change to the team instead of simply committing it. This way, everyone can implement the setting and benefit from it.


We recommend Google Chrome for development. The VS Code workspace extensions include a Debugger for Chrome. This extension allows you to place a breakpoint in the TypeScript and debug your app directly in VS Code.