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BTP Solution Diagram

Welcome to the single source of truth for BTP Architects.
The repository includes latest updates and ready-to-use templates
to develop high quality diagrams of architectural landscapes.

What is a BTP Solution Diagram?

A BTP solution diagram illustrates the architecture and elements of
a solution developed using SAP Business Technology Platform.
It demonstrates how various services and technologies within the
platform are employed to meet distinct business needs.
Each BTP solution diagram offers a visual outline of the
total solution configuration and its operational flow.

Diagram Guideline

The BTP Solution Diagram guidelines has been updated.
The 2023 version is now synchronized with the Fiori Horizon Design System
and will be continuously improved with ongoing input received from our architect community. Your insights as architects and solution diagram
creators make the BTP Solution Diagram Design
Guidelines a living document that not only describes solutions but inspires new ones. We welcome your feedback to enhance the guidelines even further.

Guideline Version 1.1

What software do I need to work with
BTP Solution Diagrams?

Currently, editable BTP Solution Diagram templates
are only provided for and PowerPoint. We hope to extend the support to other editors in the future,
so please send us any feedback and ideas to help us in this direction.

Connect with the Community

Are you an architect, or someone in a similar role, with experience
creating solution diagrams? Would you like to dive deeper into the subject
or get involved enhancing the BTP Solution Diagram Design Guideline?
Why not share your expertise with us and enjoy the opportunity to interact
with a wider network of architects and like-minded individuals across
numerous platforms? Here's how you can initiate and build on these connections.

Visit the communities to help us help each other!