Wrapping Up

In the previous chapters we covered bundling UI5 Web Components, using components, icons, additional assets and optional features.

This section illustrates how all these concepts combine.

Applying the Learnings in the vite App

If you created the test app, described in Getting Started, you can enhance it as follows:

1) In the “Getting Started” section you installed the @ui5/webcomponents package.

Now, let’s do the same for @ui5/webcomponents-icons:

npm install @ui5/webcomponents-icons

2) Change the main.js file as follows:

   import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/Assets.js"; // Assets for the main package
   import "@ui5/webcomponents-icons/dist/Assets.js"; // Assets for the icons package
   import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/Button.js"; // ui5-button
   import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/ColorPalette.js"; // ui5-color-palette
   import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/features/ColorPaletteMoreColors.js"; // the "more colors" feature
   import "@ui5/webcomponents-icons/dist/add.js"; // the "add" icon, used inside the button

You now import assets, components, features and icons.

3) Change the index.html file as follows:

           <script type="module" src="/main.js"></script>
           <ui5-button icon="add">Button with icon</ui5-button>
           <ui5-color-palette show-more-colors>
                <ui5-color-palette-item value="red"></ui5-color-palette-item>
                <ui5-color-palette-item value="green"></ui5-color-palette-item>
                <ui5-color-palette-item value="blue"></ui5-color-palette-item>

to use ui5-button with the add icon imported in main.js and the ui5-color-palette component with the show-more-colors feature.

4) Run the project.

If vite is running, it will just refresh your browser, otherwise run the project again.

  npm run dev

Go to your browser and observe the changes.

5) Test the assets.

Try running the test page with the following URL parameters: sap-ui-theme=sap_belize_hcb&sap-ui-language=de


You should be able to see the page with an accessibility theme, and in German language.