Importing UI5 Web Components

This section explains how to import UI5 Web Components to your projects.

Components Packages

The UI5 Web Components project currently offers 2 NPM packages with Web Components.

This separation is purely logical, as you can, and should, only import the components you are going to need from both packages.

Project NPM Package Description Application Components List
main @ui5/webcomponents “Bread-and-butter” components, such as buttons, pickers, inputs, list, table, etc. General web apps Explore
fiori @ui5/webcomponents-fiori More semantic, higher-order components that implement Fiori patterns Mostly SAP Fiori apps Explore


  1. Add one or both of the above packages as dependencies to your project.
npm i @ui5/webcomponents
npm i @ui5/webcomponents-fiori
  1. Import the components your app is going to use.

import "@ui5/<PACKAGE-NAME>/dist/<COMPONENT-NAME>.js";

For example:

import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/Button.js"; // ui5-button
import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/Input.js"; // ui5-input
import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/List.js"; // ui5-list
import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/StandardListItem.js"; // ui5-li

import "@ui5/webcomponents-fiori/dist/Wizard.js"; // ui5-wizard
  1. Use the components in your app.

Once a component is imported, it is automatically registered and ready to use.

For example:

<ui5-button id="btn">This is a button</ui5-button>
<ui5-input value="This is an input"></ui5-input>
    btn.addEventListener("click", () => {});

Note: For most components the name of the module (f.e. Button.js, Icon.js) coincides with the name of the tag (ui5-button, ui5-icon), whereas for others this is not the case (f.e. StandardListItem.js and ui5-li). Always consult the documentation when in doubt.

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