Basic Panel

I am a native heading!

Short text.
Another text.

Aute ullamco officia fugiat culpa do tempor tempor aute excepteur magna. Quis velit adipisicing excepteur do eu duis elit. Sunt ea pariatur nulla est laborum proident sunt labore commodo Lorem laboris nisi Lorem.

<ui5-panel width="100%" accessible-role="Complementary"
	header-text="Both expandable and expanded" class="full-width">
	<h1 class="content-color">I am a native heading!</h1>
	<ui5-label wrap>Short text.</ui5-label>
	<ui5-label wrap>Another text.</ui5-label>
	<p class="content-color">
		Aute ullamco officia fugiat culpa do tempor tempor aute excepteur magna. Quis velit adipisicing excepteur do eu duis elit. Sunt ea pariatur nulla est laborum proident sunt labore commodo Lorem laboris nisi Lorem.

Panel with List

Argentina Bulgaria China Germany Hungary England USA Canada
<ui5-panel accessible-role="Complementary"
	header-text="Select your country" class="full-width">
	<ui5-list id="myList1" mode="MultiSelect">
		<ui5-li key="country1">Argentina</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country2">Bulgaria</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country3">China</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country4">Germany</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country5">Hungary</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country6">England</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country7">USA</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country8">Canada</ui5-li>

Fixed Panel (Can't be Collapsed/Expanded)

Argentina Bulgaria China Germany
	fixed accessible-role="Complementary"
	header-text="Country Of Birth"
	<ui5-list id="myList2" mode="SingleSelectBegin" >
		<ui5-li key="country1">Argentina</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country2">Bulgaria</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country3">China</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country4">Germany</ui5-li>

Panel with Custom Header

Edit Add Remove
Argentina Bulgaria China
	.header {
		display: flex;
		align-items: center;
		justify-content: space-between;
		width: 100%;


	<!-- Panel header -->
	<div slot="header" class="header">
			<ui5-button design="Emphasized">Add</ui5-button>
			<ui5-button design="Negative">Remove</ui5-button>

	<ui5-list id="myList1" mode="MultiSelect">
		<ui5-li key="country1">Argentina</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country2">Bulgaria</ui5-li>
		<ui5-li key="country3">China</ui5-li>


The ui5-panel component is a container which has a header and a content area and is used for grouping and displaying information. It can be collapsed to save space on the screen.


  • Nesting two or more panels is not recommended.
  • Do not stack too many panels on one page.


A panel consists of a title bar with a header text or custom header.
The content area can contain an arbitrary set of controls. The header is clickable and can be used to toggle between the expanded and collapsed state. It includes an icon which rotates depending on the state.
The custom header can be set through the header slot and it may contain arbitraray content, such as: title, buttons or any other HTML elements.
Note: the custom header is not clickable out of the box, but in this case the icon is interactive and allows to show/hide the content area.

Responsive Behavior

  • If the width of the panel is set to 100% (default), the panel and its children are resized responsively, depending on its parent container.
  • If the panel has a fixed height, it will take up the space even if the panel is collapsed.
  • When the panel is expandable (the fixed property is set to false), an arrow icon (pointing to the right) appears in front of the header.
  • When the animation is activated, expand/collapse uses a smooth animation to open or close the content area.
  • When the panel expands/collapses, the arrow icon rotates 90 degrees clockwise/counter-clockwise.

ES6 Module Import

import "@ui5/webcomponents/dist/Panel";


You can use both properties and attributes with the same effect. The name of each attribute is listed below the name of the property, if different.

Default Value
Sets the accessible aria role of the ui5-panel. Depending on the usage, you can change the role from the default Form to Region or Complementary.
Indicates whether the ui5-panel is collapsed and only the header is displayed.
Determines whether the ui5-panel is in a fixed state that is not expandable/collapsible by user interaction.
Defines the "aria-level" of ui5-panel heading, set by the headerText.

Available options are: "H6" to "H1".
This property is used to set the header text of the ui5-panel. The text is visible in both expanded and collapsed states.

Note: This property is overridden by the header slot.


This Element provides slot(s). This means it can display its child nodes.
Unless targeting the default slot, use the slot attribute to define the destination slot for each child.
Text, along with HTML Elements with no slot attribute, goes the the default slot.

Node [0..n]
Determines the content of the ui5-panel. The content is visible only when the ui5-panel is expanded.
HTMLElement [0..n]
Defines the ui5-panel header area.

Note: When a header is provided, the headerText property is ignored.
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