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The central entry point for everything TypeScript-related in SAPUI5/OpenUI5

Release Notes for the UI5 Type Definitions

This page provides information about changes in the UI5 type definitions and other news regarding TypeScript and UI5. It does not mention any new UI5 APIs (they are covered by the general UI5 “What’s New” and Change Log), but focuses on changes in how the JSDoc is parsed and turned into type definitions. Some significant JSDoc changes done with the type definitions in mind are also contained.

The list is manually curated and not necessarily complete. Every release usually also contains several further JSDoc fixes which are meant to improve the type definitions.

Changes are grouped by UI5 version, as parser and generator changes so far only affect type definitions of later UI5 releases. News that are independent from the UI5 or generator code are added to the release that appeared at the same time.

When doing control development also be aware of the @ui5/ts-interface-generator change log.

1.121.0 (February 2024)

1.120.0 (November 2023)

1.119.0 (October 2023)

1.118.0 (September 2023)

1.117.0 (August 2023)

1.116.0 (July 2023)

Starting with this version, the UI5 type definitions are no longer in “experimental beta” state but recommended for general usage.

We encourage you to use UI5 with TypeScript for an improved development efficiency and experience. TypeScript itself keeps evolving and we try to further improve the UI5 type definitions, so there could be potential incompatible changes between versions of the type definitions. However, such incompatibilities would only affect the compilation of your code but will not cause runtime issues in your application. Plus, there are various ways to easily deal with them: you can, for example, simply keep using the previous version of the UI5 type definitions together with an updated UI5 runtime.
To keep track of any significant changes, observe the Release Notes on this page.

1.115.1 - changes on top of those listed below for 1.115.0 (June 2023)

We are providing an extraordinary v1.115.1 patch for the type definitions (@types/openui5 on June 21st, @sapui5/types and @openui5/types the following week) with further improvements and with bugfixes. (For the latter packages we always release patches, but usually without any significant changes and for @types/openui5 we usually do not release any patches, hence “extraordinary”.)

1.115.0 - also see the separate section on 1.115.1 above! (June 2023)

NOTE: 1.115.0 had some issues with certain types no longer being exported (on top of the intentional changes described below), hence 1.115.1 with these issues fixed - and further improvements - is being published soon after.

1.114 (May 2023)

No news (but of course several rounds of improvements within the UI5 API definitions, giving more details for previously too-vague types like object, function or Promise).

1.113 (April 2023)

1.112 (March 2023)

1.111 (February 2023)

1.110 (January 25th 2023)

1.109 (end of November 2022)

no news

1.108 (November 2022)

1.107 (October 2022)

no news

1.106 (September 2022)

1.105 (August 2022)

1.104 (July 2022)

no news

1.103 (June 2022)

1.102 (May 2022)

1.101 (April 2022)

no news

1.100 (March 2022)

1.99 (February 2022)

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