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Migrate to v2

v2.0.0 of the UI5 Tooling was released on April 1, 2020. As a major feature, it introduces the easy consumption of SAPUI5 libraries in UI5 projects.

Breaking changes

All UI5 Tooling Modules: Require Node.js >= 10

Support for older Node.js releases has been dropped.

UI5 Builder: Make namespace mandatory for application and library projects (SAP/ui5-builder#430)

The UI5 Tooling must be able to determine an application- or library project's namespace. Otherwise an error is thrown.

Ideally the namespace should be defined in the field of the manifest.json

In case of libraries, additional fallbacks are in place:

  1. The name attribute defined in the .library file
  2. The path of the library.js file

UI5 Builder: LibraryFormatter: Ignore manifest.json of nested apps (SAP/ui5-builder#392)

If a library contains both a manifest.json and a .library file, they must be located in the same directory. Otherwise the manifest.json is ignored. In cases where the manifest.json is located at a higher level or in a different directory at the same level as the .library file, an exception is thrown.

UI5 Server: serveResources middleware: Expect *.properties files in UTF-8 by default (SAP/ui5-server#303)

For projects of types other than application or library, the UI5 Server now expects *.properties files to be UTF-8 encoded as opposed to ISO-8859-1 before.

Note: This change does not affect most projects as *.properties files are typically only located in applications or libraries, for which their project specific configuration is used.

UI5 FS: Remove deprecated parameter useNamespaces (SAP/ui5-fs#223)

Remove the deprecated parameter useNamespaces from method resourceFactory.createCollectionsForTree. Use the parameter getVirtualBasePathPrefix instead.

How to upgrade

Global installation

To upgrade your global installation, just run the installation command again, which will upgrade to the latest version.

npm install --global @ui5/cli

Note: Your local CLI installation will still be preferred, so you need to make sure to upgrade it as well (see Local vs. Global installation).

Local installation

To upgrade the CLI installation within a project, you need to run the following command:

npm install --save-dev @ui5/cli@^2


specVersion: "2.0"

We have introduced the specification version 2.0. New features will only be available for projects with specVersion 2.0 or newer.
Most projects defining specVersion 0.1 or 1.0 can still be used.

specVersion: "2.0"
  name: <project-name>
type: <project-type>