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Migrate to v1

v1.0.0 is the first stable release of the UI5 Tooling. There are only a few notable changes to the 0.x alpha version.

Breaking changes

ui5-builder: Add transformation of apps index.html in self-contained build (SAP/ui5-builder#137)

When running a self-contained build on an application project, the index.html will be transformed by adopting the UI5 bootstrap script tag to load the custom bundle file instead.

ui5-project: normalizer: Rename optional parameter "translator" (SAP/ui5-project#96)

Renamed parameter "translator" of functions generateDependencyTree and generateProjectTree to "translatorName"

ui5-fs: Remove top-level access to adapters (SAP/ui5-fs#69)

Adapters "AbstractAdapter", "FileSystem" and "Memory" used to be accessible via the top-level export of index.js


This is no longer possible. Adapters are now grouped in the top-level object "adapters" and can be accessed from there


How to upgrade

Global installation

To upgrade your global installation, just run the installation command again, which will upgrade to the latest version.

npm install --global @ui5/cli

Note: Your local CLI installation will still be preferred, so you need to make sure to upgrade it as well (see Local vs. Global installation).

Local installation

To upgrade the CLI installation within a project you need to run the following command.

npm install @ui5/cli@^1


specVersion: "1.0"

We have introduced the specification version 1.0. New features will only be available for projects with specVersion 1.0 or newer.
The specVersion 0.1 will be compatible with the UI5 CLI v1.0.0, but we still recommend to adopt your projects.

specVersion: "1.0"
  name: <project-name>
type: <project-type>