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UI5 Server


An HTTPS server or proxy that was previously running on a domain (e.g. localhost), might have set an HSTS header, enforcing Chrome to always use HTTPS for this domain. See This makes it impossible to connect to an HTTP-only server running on the same domain.


You need to delete the HSTS mapping in chrome://net-internals/#hsts by entering the domain name (e.g. localhost) and pressing "delete".

Issues Not Listed Here

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UI5 Project

~/.ui5 Taking too Much Disk Space

There are possibly many versions of UI5 framework dependencies installed on your system, taking a large amount of disk space.


Remove the .ui5/framework/ directory from your user's home directory:

rm -rf ~/.ui5/framework/

Any missing framework dependencies will be downloaded again during the next UI5 Tooling invocation.

Environment Variables

Changing the Log Level

In CI environments or in a combination with other tools, the usage of UI5 CLI's --log-level command parameter might be inconvenient and even impossible.


Replace UI5 Tooling's --log-level option with the UI5_LOG_LVL environment variable.


UI5_LOG_LVL=silly ui5 build

On Windows:

set UI5_LOG_LVL=silly ui5 build

Cross Environment via cross-env:

cross-env UI5_LOG_LVL=silly ui5 build

UI5 + Karma:

cross-env UI5_LOG_LVL=verbose npm run karma


The combination of the UI5_LOG_LVL environment variable with the --log-level CLI parameter might lead to unexpected results; they should be used interchangeably but not together. The CLI parameter takes precedence over the UI5_LOG_LVL environment variable.

Changing UI5 Tooling's Data Directory

UI5 Tooling's data directory is by default at ~/.ui5. It's the place where the framework artifacts are stored. In some cases and environments this is not a convenient location and the user needs to provide a better one.

The path to it can either be provided via environment variable or permanently set in the configuration.


Paths are resolved relative to the current root project path (i.e. where the package.json is located).

Environment variable UI5_DATA_DIR


UI5_DATA_DIR=/my/custom/location/.ui5 ui5 build


set UI5_DATA_DIR="C:\\my\\custom\\location\\.ui5" ui5 build

Configuration ui5DataDir

Configure a custom directory:

ui5 config set ui5DataDir /my/custom/location/.ui5

Unset the configuration to switch back to the default directory:

ui5 config set ui5DataDir