UI5 Server

The UI5 Server provides server capabilities for the UI5 Tooling.


The development server has already a set of middleware which supports the developer with the following features:

  • Escaping of non-ASCII characters in .properties translation files
  • Changes on files with .less extension triggers a theme build and delivers the compiled CSS files.
  • Version info is created automatically (/resources/sap-ui-version.json).
  • List project files with URL (needed exclusively by the OpenUI5 testsuite): /discovery/app_pages, /discovery/all_libs, /discovery/all_tests

Certificates for HTTPS or HTTP/2

When using the UI5 Server with the UI5 CLI, SSL certificates for HTTPS and HTTP/2 configurations can automatically be generated.

Hint: If Chrome unintentionally redirects a HTTP-URL to HTTPS, you need to delete the HSTS mapping in chrome://net-internals/#hsts by entering the domain name (e.g. localhost) and pressing "delete".