How can I contribute?

Please check our Contribution Guidelines.

How can I obtain support?

Please follow our Contribution Guidelines on how to report an issue.

Why package.json? / Why npm?

Currently, the tooling can only resolve dependencies defined in a package.json file. This might change in the future by adding Translators for additional dependency management systems.

To manage your dependencies, you can use almost any Node.js package manager that relies on package.json files. Popular ones are npm, Yarn and pnpm.

The UI5 Tooling resolves dependencies almost the same way Node.js does when executing a require statement.

What's the thing with Yarn?

In a couple of guides we refer to the Yarn node package manager. This is because it offers functionality that the otherwise preferred npm package manager is currently lacking. Namely, the workspace setting which is currently used in the OpenUI5 (mono-)repository. Note that npm might add this feature in the future.

If you do not plan to work with OpenUI5, you may as well use npm or any other node package manger (see FAQ: Why package.json? / Why npm?). Keep in mind that linking the same module with npm and Yarn may cause issues. Also, Yarn can't work with links created by npm and vice versa.

Where are the npm packages?

Here (OpenUI5 Libraries) and here (UI5 Tooling).