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SAP Cloud SDK Pipeline

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If you are building an application with SAP Cloud SDK, the SAP Cloud SDK pipeline helps you to quickly build and deliver your app in high quality. Thanks to highly streamlined components, setting up and delivering your first project will just take minutes.

Qualities and Pipeline Features

The SAP Cloud SDK pipeline is based on project "Piper" and offers unique features for assuring that your SAP Cloud SDK based application fulfills the highest quality standards. In conjunction with the SAP Cloud SDK libraries, the pipeline helps you to implement and automatically assure application qualities, for example:

  • Functional correctness via:
    • Backend and frontend unit tests
    • Backend and frontend integration tests
    • User acceptance testing via headless browser end-to-end tests
  • Non-functional qualities via:
    • Dynamic resilience checks
    • Performance tests based on Gatling or JMeter
    • Code Security scans based on Checkmarx and Fortify
    • Dependency vulnerability scans based on Whitesource
    • IP compliance scan based on Whitesource
    • Zero-downtime deployment
    • Proper logging of application errors

For more details, see Cloud Qualities.

Screenshot of SAP Cloud SDK Pipeline

Supported Project Types

The pipeline supports the following types of projects:

You can find more details about the supported project types and build tools in Build Tools.

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