Available since 1.0.0

Page layout containers are used to construct the view states of the application. The page layer includes the header and content containers.

The .fd-page container is the workhorse of the application where page content updates occur based on navigation selections.

Like the app-level, these are dumb containers only concerned with placement with no effect on their contents.

Container hierarchy

The elements used to construct a page are:

  • .fd-page: The page-level wrapper
    • .fd-page__header: The page-level header holds the page title, breadcrumb and main actions
    • .fd-page__content: Holds the page content

Basic page

The .fd-page__header container most often will include the .fd-breadcrumb and .fd-action-bar components. The header does include side padding.

The .fd-page__content container should have one or more .fd-section containers. The content container does not include padding — allows for full-bleed content — so child sections are necessary.

<article class="fd-page">
    <header class="fd-page__header fd-has-background-color-background-2">
    <div class="fd-page__content fd-has-background-color-neutral-2">