Available since 1.0.0

SAP Fundamentals uses responsive grid system with a 12-column flow layout. It is used to create flexible layouts for various screen sizes and device types.

Tablet example grid

default grid


Available since 1.0.0 Last updated 1.4.0

When considering responsive views we follow a mobile-first approach where screens are built for small screens and adapted for larger screens. This means that S is always the default and we modify for M and above.

Size Target Devices Breakpoints Margin Gutter
S Portrait Phone <600px 8px 8px
M Landscape Phone, Portrait Tablet 600-1023px 16px 16px
L Landscape Tablet, Small Laptops 1024-1439px 32px 16px
XL Pro Laptops, Desktop 1440-1919px 32px 20px
XXL Pro Displays 1920px 48px 20px