Project "Piper": Continuous Delivery for the SAP Ecosystem

Best DevOps Practices at SAP#

Continuous delivery is a method to develop software with short feedback cycles. It applies to projects both for SAP Cloud Platform and SAP on-premise platforms. SAP implements tooling for continuous delivery in the project "Piper". The goal of the project "Piper" is to substantially ease setting up continuous delivery in your project using SAP technologies.

Project "Piper"#

The SAP Cloud SDK is shipped with the pre-configured general-purpose pipeline which is a part of the project "Piper" and allows you to start with continuous delivery without writing any pipeline code - only declarative configuration is required. It helps you to quickly deliver high-quality applications to the SAP Cloud Platform.

Check out the documentation of Project "Piper" for more details.

Video Tutorial#

This video tutorial is a good example of SAP Cloud SDK for continuous delivery used with SAP Cloud Programming Model.

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