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Who Uses the SAP Cloud SDK?


Because of the privacy policy, we can't name most of the customers using the SAP Cloud SDK. Here we shortlisted some prominent products using SAP Cloud SDK that we can name.

SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management

SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management (CALM) is a huge framework of services that comprise a holistic solution to ensure accelerated implementation and smooth operations of your end-to-end business solutions throughout the entire lifecycle.

Many of SAP Cloud ALM services benefit from SAP Cloud SDK features and allow for side-by-side extension model to tailor Application lifecycle management for your specific need.

SAP Cloud Application Programming Model

The SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP) is a framework of languages, libraries, and tools for building enterprise-grade services and applications. It guides developers along a ‘golden path’ of proven best practices and a great wealth of out-of-the-box solutions to recurring tasks.

The SAP CAP and SAP Cloud SDK nicely play together to build and deliver OData services and consume them to build various extensions and applications on top of SAP Business Technology Platform. Internally CAP uses some of SAP Cloud SDK's advanced capabilities to handle complex OData query building, multitenancy, resilience and others.

Collaboration between SAP Cloud SDK and CAP helps both products evolve faster and brings great synergies for developers. It covers both Java and JavaScript to ensure broad adoption within SAP and by SAP customers.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate

Optimize the management of your real estate assets. Improve planning and performance with real-time insights from SAP Cloud for Real Estate.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is a cloud-native product that uses SAP Cloud SDK to speed up development and easily consume OData services from the SAP S/4HANA Suite.

SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Optimize resources and get new products and services to market faster with centralized processes and information.

The SAP Cloud SDK provides the necessary convenience and type-safety when consuming different services to speed up development and flatten the learning curve.

SAP Business Technology Platform Workflow

SAP Business Technology Platform Workflow lets you build, run, and manage workflows, from simple approvals to end-to-end processes that span organizations and apps.

Thanks to the collaboration with the SAP Cloud SDK all the customers of the SAP Business Technology Platform Workflow service can leverage its benefits via type-safe REST client provided by the SD. It's always up to date and shares other convenience and best practices that the SAP Cloud SDK offers for OData client.

SAP RealSpend

Manage budgets in real-time with our business expense tracking software.

RealSpend was one of the first adopters of SAP Cloud SDK to deliver cloud-native expense and cost-center management solutions on SAP Business Technology Platform. It leverages the SAP Cloud SDK for type-safe OData service consumption from the SAP S/4HANA Suite and related products.