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XSUAA Programming Model

What are the User Account and Authentication for Cloud Foundry?

Cloud Foundry is one of the key environments of the SAP Business Technology Platform.

User Account and Authentication (UAA) is the identity and management service for Cloud Foundry.

SAP Business Technology Platform XSUAA Service

XSUAA is an implementation of UAA service from SAP to be used with SAP Business Technology Platform. It greatly extends capabilities for the SAP BTP UAA service for the Cloud Foundry environment by providing:

  • Service broker
  • Support for multitenancy
  • API management functions
  • Other SAP specific advantages to authentication and authorization in business applications

XSUAA Client Libraries

To simplify application development XSUAA service provides client libraries for Java and JavaScript.

The library for Java is Open Source and available on GitHub.

The library for JavaScript is delivered via npm and is not open source at the moment.

Integration With the SAP Cloud SDK

The SAP Cloud SDK for Java has migrated its authentication flows from our implementation to a stable version of the Java XSUAA library. This ensures full coverage of authentication methods available on the SAP Business Technology Platform with a high level of security and ongoing updates provided by the underlying library. Initial support is available since version 3.16.1 of the SAP Cloud SDK for Java.

The SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript handles XSUAA service on its own without using an official library. The reason for this was the library being in active development and lingering behind SAP Cloud SDK's needs. Once the library is stable, the SAP Cloud SDK will consider migration. Follow our release notes to find out when the migration happens.