About the SAP Cloud SDK


The SAP Cloud SDK is a versatile set of libraries and tools for developers to build applications in a cloud-native way and host them on SAP Cloud Platform or other runtimes.

Benefits & Capabilities#

The SAP Cloud SDK is available for Java and JavaScript / TypeScript, providing the following benefits and capabilities:

  • A set of pre-generated type-safe client libraries for various SAP published OData and REST services for convenient consumption and bullet-proof developer experience.
  • Robust connectivity abstractions for SAP Cloud Platform for convenient management of destinations, authentication, multitenancy, CSRF, e-tags, and more.
  • A tailor-made type-safe client code generator for OData services that seamlessly integrate with other SAP Cloud SDK value-adds.
  • A type-safe client code generator for REST services that wraps the open-source generator with custom code templates to make it deeply integrated with other SAP Cloud SDK features.
  • An easy-to-use CLI with code scaffolding capabilities.
  • A pre-configured CI/CD pipeline to set you on the best DevOps practices from the get-go.
  • Modular design and high-level of extensibility
  • Advanced cloud-native development patterns like resilience, caching, inherent multitenancy, etc.
  • Support in Business Application Studio
  • First-class documentation and support

Well-Integrated With the SAP Cloud Development Ecosystem#

The SAP Cloud SDK is well-integrated with other SAP products and services like:

In the next chapter, you'll learn how to generate a type-safe client for any SAP service and start using the benefits of the SAP Cloud SDK.

Your Own SAP Cloud SDK#

Thanks to code generator capabilities, the SAP Cloud SDK is compatible with almost any other product that you want to integrate with.

It gives a lot of advantages and instant access to the SAP Cloud ecosystem for developers. The SAP Cloud SDK helps you to integrate your apps or build extensions for SAP products.

For more details, check out our feature matrix and getting started guides for the SAP Cloud SDK.

Flavors of SAP Cloud SDK#

An Organic Part of SAP Cloud Ecosystem#

SAP Cloud SDK as a part of SAP Cloud Applications ecosystem

Open Source#

The SAP Cloud SDK actively works in the direction of open-sourcing most of its components. We engage in the open source community by endorsing open standards and technologies to simplify the developer's life and stay ahead of the curve. The SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript / TypeScript is already open-source. Feel free to look at our source code, integrate the SAP Cloud SDK into your apps, or contribute improvements to the SAP Cloud SDK.

We actively develop and maintain every component of the SAP Cloud SDK to ensure the highest quality and seamless integration with other SAP solutions.


We are happy to hear your feedback about the SAP Cloud SDK. You can write to us at cloudsdk@sap.com or submit an issue to this repository.

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