Getting started

Create your first App#

You can choose between JavaScript and Java when developing with SAP Cloud SDK. Check these two examples to initialize an application for your favorite development environment.


Make sure you have the latest stable version of Node.js and npm installed. This example assumes you're running Mac or Linux. Check detailed getting started guide for your platform

npm install -g @sap-cloud-sdk/cli
sap-cloud-sdk init my-sdk-project
| โœ… Init finished successfully. |
| |
| ๐Ÿš€ Next steps: |
| - Run the application locally (`npm run start:dev`) |
| - Deploy your application (`npm run deploy`) |
| |
| ๐Ÿ”จ Consider setting up Jenkins to continuously build your app |
| Use `sap-cloud-sdk add-cx-server` to create the setup script |

Hello World#

This example is not a classical Hello World of course. There is much more to it than just bootstrapping a starter application. Cloud SDK is a complex and flexible library addressing a vast range of use-cases. Each of them would require a Hello World of its own, and we have them!

To continue discovering SDK for your favorite programming language check respective getting started guides and comprehensive tutorials for multiple use cases.


There is no full feature parity between JavaScript and Java libraries. Please, review respective documentation sections to find out more.

Getting started - JavaScript#

Getting started - Java#

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