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Migrate to our Open Source Version

Switch To the Open Source Version

Some packages of the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript have been migrated to As a result, the packages were renamed as shown in the table below. No Breaking changes were made. Please use the new packages from now on.

old package namenew package name

This mapping applies to the move to open source version 1.X.Y.. Since version 2.0.0, the core package has been split into smaller packages and the analytics package has been removed. We recommend first migrating to version 1.52.0 of the open-source version. Once this is done, follow the upgrade guide to do the transition to version 2.0.0.

How To Use the Open Source Version
  1. Search for all your dependencies/devDependencies/peerDependencies in your package.json.
  2. Replace the old package name e.g., @sap/cloud-sdk-core with the new one e.g.@sap-cloud-sdk/core.
  3. Use a stable version of the SAP Cloud SDK e.g., ^1.18.0.
  4. Delete your node_modules and the package-lock.json.
  5. Install your dependencies, run: npm i.
  6. Search your source code for references to the old packages (e.g. in import statements) and replace them with the new names.

What About Support and Future Development?

SAP Cloud SDK team fully maintains the Open Source version which is the only one existing. We continue developing and releasing new functionality as well as supporting developers and fixing found bugs.

How Can I Report an Issue or Make a Feature Request?

Please, create an issue in our GitHub repository.

Can I Contribute?

We are happily accepting contributions via pull requests on our GitHub repository.