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Frequently Asked Questions

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Generic Questions

Is SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript Open Source

Yes. The SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript is Open Source and available under the Apache 2.0 license. You can find the source code on GitHub and the modules on npm.

What Is a Virtual Data Model?

In simple words, the Virtual Data Model is a nick-name for pregenerated type-safe client libraries for allowlisted OData services of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. These libraries are a part of SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript, but they are not Open Source and shipped under SAP Developer license. They update with every release of SAP S/4HANA Cloud and you can always find them on npm

Do You Continuously Develop the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript?

A team of experienced SAP engineers develops and maintains the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript. Publishing the SAP Cloud SDK as Open Source allows anyone to benefit from library value adds, instantly contribute new functionality, faster fix issues, and speed up feature development.

Can I Contribute to the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript?

We are happy to accept and review your valuable contribution. For details on contributing check our contribution guide.

How Often Do You Release a New SAP Cloud SDK Version?

We usually release bi-weekly. All features that are in Generally Available or experimental state get into the next release.

We intend to release a new major version of the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript every six to twelve months. For details check our release policy.

Pregenerated type-safe client libraries are released quarterly to follow the SAP S/4HANA Cloud release cycle.

Do You Release Hotfixes?

Yes, we do. They usually have a higher patch number according to semver, i.e: 1.24.1 instead of 1.24.0. Check our release notes for more details.

Should I Update With Every Release?

The general recommendation is YES. This way you'll reduce the effort to keep up with the fast pace of cloud development. We try to keep stable functionality consistent and explicitly notify about breaking changes. Be cautious about using features annotated as Beta because their API can change with every release.

Which Node Versions Are Supported by the SAP Cloud SDK?

We support and recommend the latest active LTS version of Node. You can try using a later Node version at your own risk.

Can I Use Features Annotated as Beta in Production?

We do not recommend using APIs that are marked unstable in productive code. We do not guarantee any API compatibility for future updates and the features might be experimental. You can use these features to test new functionality, provide us feedback, and plan migration steps when Beta features are released as General Availability.

I Think I Found a Bug in the SAP Cloud SDK, What Should I Do?

Please, report it to us through any available channel. The preferred support channel is GitHub.

I'm Creating a BCP Incident, What's Your Component Name?

Choose XX-S4C-SDK if you are reporting an issue via BCP.

What Versions of OData Protocol Do You Support?

We support OData v2 and OData v4 services. You can use pregenerated client libraries supplied with SAP Cloud SDK or generate your client from the SAP Cloud SDK specification. Find more details here.

Do You Support All OData Features?

We support most of the OData features that are exposed by SAP services. However, the OData specification is huge and contains many features that would see rare to no use. If you found a feature that you need, but it is not yet supported by SAP Cloud SDK for Java, please, make a feature request via GitHub

I Receive an OData Error/Exception When Using SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript

You may see some errors while developing. These errors are not always caused by flaws in the SAP Cloud SDK as we often see inconsistent OData protocol handling by different services. Some of them even have known flaws for which we have workarounds. If you can't solve your issue via debugging and experimenting, please, report your incident via Stack Overflow or GitHub.

Do You Support REST Client Libraries?

We're working on it. The current support is experimental and not ready for production use.

Questions About SAP Business Technology Platform

Do You Support SAP Business Technology Platform, Cloud Foundry Environment?

SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript has first-class support for the SAP BTP, Cloud Foundry environment. We provide plenty of helpful abstractions for connectivity and authentication that make developing apps a pleasant and rewarding experience. Let us know if you miss functionality of the SAP BTP in the SAP Cloud SDK for JavaScript.