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SAP Cloud SDK Currency Conversion Libraries for JavaScript


Currency Conversion is an extension library built on SAP Cloud SDK. You can use this library to facilitate currency exchange rate conversions.


The library does not provide any market data out-of-the-box. You must provide the currency exchange rates to the library from your own data sources. You can use the SAP Market Rates Management service or any other of your choice.

You can use the library for the following functions:

  • Direct one-to-one conversions, from a source currency to a target currency.
  • Indirect conversions by using inverse rates or a "reference currency".
  • Fixed rate conversions, for when you have the exact currency exchange rate that you want to use in your conversion operations.
  • Non-fixed rate conversions, for when you have a set of exchange rates, as opposed to the exact rate. The library will pick the "best rate" from the set depending on various factors.

SAP Cloud SDK Currency Conversion Library Versions