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Announcing Version 2 Beta

What Is Included in the Beta?

We announced four noteworthy changes for our upcoming version increase:

  • Split packages and export only the public interface
  • Increase compilation target to ECMAScript 2019
  • Remove deprecated functionality
  • Remove generator options
  • Introduce customizable (de-)serialization

The beta already provides many improvements, and we would love for you to try them. Let's take a look what was achieved so far.

Split Packages and Export Only the Public Interface

There is no more @sap-cloud-sdk/core package anymore. Instead, there are the following packages:

  • @sap-cloud-sdk/connectivity (e.g. getDestination())
  • @sap-cloud-sdk/http-client (e.g. executeHttpRequest())
  • @sap-cloud-sdk/openapi, @sap-cloud-sdk/odata-v2 and @sap-cloud-sdk/odata-v4 (e.g. filter functions, request builder)

Internal functions are not exported in our new packages to make it easier to find the right function for your use case. We expose internals via a special import path, but offer no stability guarantee for this internal interface.

This means you will see this:

autocomplete for import from core

rather than this:

autocomplete for import from odata-v2

Increase Compilation Target to ECMAScript 2019

This will only affect you if you run your application in a legacy environment. It makes the compiled JavaScript code a little cleaner, as in this example.


file-generator in ES5


file-generator in ECMAScript 2019

The differences are minor, but it saves five lines of code in this file alone.

Remove Deprecated Functionality

We hope you replaced deprecated functionality already. If not, our upgrade guide lists all removed methods and their replacement. In total, we removed a bit more than 100 deprecated methods.

Remove Generator Options

The following generator options are removed:

  • generateTypedocJson
  • aggregatorDirectoryName
  • aggregatorNpmPackageName

For generateTypedocJson option, you can add typedoc or other documentation lib as a dependency to your package.json by your own. The options aggregatorDirectoryName and aggregatorNpmPackageName are not useful from the user perspective.

Introduce Customizable (De-)Serialization

We added options to dynamically change the types in your entities. You can now define custom (de-)serializers - functions to convert data to and from the types you need. Here is an example for (de-)serializers to convert Edm.DateTime, Edm.DateTimeOffset and Edm.Time to/from Temporal:

example temporal serializer

Intrigued? You can get the Temporal-based (de-)serializers via npm (npm install @sap-cloud-sdk/temporal-de-serializers@beta).

How Can I Use It?

We publish the beta version on npm. You can install it by adding @beta after the package name (e.g. npm install @sap-cloud-sdk/generator@beta).


If you use an OData or OpenAPI client, make sure it was generated with the same version as your other SAP Cloud SDK dependencies. We do not provide pregenerated clients for beta versions.

Check the upgrade guide for detailed instructions how to upgrade.