SAP Cloud Foundry

Cloud Foundry Command Line Interface (CLI)#

To deploy your App developed with SAP Cloud SDK to SAP Cloud Platform you'll need Cloud Foundry CLI. You can download latest release of DEB package from official CF GitHub repository or follow instructions to install it with you package manager: apt-get, yum and homebrew are supported.

After installing the CLI you might need to reload you shell before it becomes available. To check if it works run:


Bind your CLI to SAP Cloud Foundry#

Let's associate you Cloud Foundry (CF) CLI to your SAP account by providing an API endpoint and logging in with your account.

Select endpoint depending on your region:

To use a snippet for Europe run:

cf api

Provide your credential for SAP Cloud Foundry by running:

cf login

For more details on SAP Cloud Foundry CLI follow this official tutorial

SAP Cloud Platform#

Find out more about SAP Cloud Platform and Cloud Foundry Environment from official documentation .

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