Typesafe client for RESTful services in Java#

SAP Cloud SDK for Java is prepared to generate a typesafe clients using Open API to conveniently work with various REST APIs available at SAP API Hub

Open API Generator is not released for public use

If you're interested in a typed REST API client for a specific SAP application or service contact us via cloudsdk@sap.com

Pre-generated typesafe REST API client#

We ship pre-generated typesafe REST API clients as modules in collaboration with popular SAP services available on SAP Cloud Platform and beyond.

Depending on the scope modules could be available only internally within SAP or publicly released. SAP Cloud Platform Workflow API is an example of publicly released API module.

In case you need information on REST or other services shipped only internally, please, approach us directly via standard communication channels.

Why using SAP Cloud SDK for Java with REST services?#

  • You'll benefit from typesafe client when accessing a service of your choice
  • We take care of various complexities around developing extensions for SAP services
  • You'll get convenience abstractions over SAP Cloud Platform services. To name a few: XSUAA, Destination service, Service bindings and more.
  • We hide complexities of cloud development making many tasks ridiculously easy
  • You're getting best in class support for your application or extensions directly form Cloud SDK development team
  • We take care of change management by continuously updating, integrating and shipping latest version of services that we release.

I'm providing a service on SAP Cloud Platform. How can I ship it with Cloud SDK?#

Reach out to us via internal communication channels and we'll provide you with information on our contribution models.

Do you plan to release Open API generator? Like you've done for OData?#

Because of less deterministic standard and huge variety of Open API services we decided not to release it as of yet. We might reconsider this decision if we see a strong use-case and great value for our customers behind such commitment. The value should outweigh an effort to provide and support such a feature in general public availability.

Reach out to us if you have any feedback on this.


We are happy to hear from you via internal communication channels or via cloudsdk@sap.com

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