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Optional iss

iss: undefined | string

This property is only considered in case no userJwt is provided. It is meant for situations where you do not have a token e.g. background processes. The value for iss is the issuer field of a JWT e.g. https://.localhost:8080/uaa/oauth/token'

ATTENTION: If this property is used, no validation of the provided subdomain value is done. This is differs from how the userJwt is handled. So be careful that the used value is not manipulated and breaks the tenant isolation of your application.

Optional selectionStrategy

selectionStrategy: undefined | DestinationSelectionStrategy

Method that implements the selection strategy of the retrieved destination. Uses subscriberFirst per default. Use the selector helper DestinationSelectionStrategies to select the appropriate selection strategy.

Optional userJwt

userJwt: undefined | string

The user token of the current request.