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Declaration of a destination to be retrieved from an environment variable or from the destination service on SAP Cloud Platform.

Use an object of this interface to specify which destination shall be used when executing a request. The destination will be retrieved via its DestinationNameAndJwt.destinationName according to the following algorithm:

  1. If a destination of this DestinationNameAndJwt.destinationName is defined in the environment variable destinations (if available), it will be converted into a Destination and used for the request.
  2. Otherwise, the destination service on SAP Cloud Platform is queried for a destination with the given DestinationNameAndJwt.destinationName, using the access token provided as value of property jwt.


  • DestinationNameAndJwt





destinationName: string

Name of the destination to retrieve, mandatory.

Optional jwt

jwt: undefined | string

An access token for the XSUAA service on SAP Cloud Platform, provided as a JSON Web Token, only mandatory when destination shall be retrieved from destination service on SAP Cloud Platform.