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Interface ProxyConfiguration

Proxy settings for connecting to an on-premise destination via connectivity proxy or web proxies. The ProxyConfiguration is undefined in most cases. The logic for setting it is as follow:

  • If the destination has proxy type "OnPremise" the connectivity service proxy is used.
  • Depending on the protocol in the destination URL the proxy environment variables http_proxy and https_proxy are considered.

Valid form for the variable is http://user:password@host:port where everything besides the host is optional. For user and password non alphanumeric characters need to be percent-encoded. Note: The [no_proxy] environment variables contains a list of URLs for which no proxy will be used even if [http_proxy, https_proxy] are set. Wildcards like *.some.domain.com are not supported while checking the no_proxy env.


  • ProxyConfiguration




Optional headers

headers: undefined | { Proxy-Authorization: string; SAP-Connectivity-Authentication?: undefined | string }

HTTP headers to be added to a request if tunneled through the proxy. If the request is going to an OnPremise system via the connectivity proxy, the header contains the 'Proxy-Authorization' and the 'SAP-Connectivity-Authentication' header if a JWT is present on the current request. For web proxies only the 'Proxy-Authorization' enter the header fields if provided.


host: string

The host of the proxy.


port: number

The port of the proxy.


protocol: Protocol

The protocol used by the proxy