Troubleshooting: Miscellaneous

HANA DatabaseWeek4 Unit3Week4 Unit3 STEP1.1 Ensure that your SAP HANA database is running
NetWeaver AS ABAP on running VMWeek1 Unit6Week1 Unit6 STEP 6.5 Starting VM with NetWeaver AS ABAP
SAP Cloud Connector(SCC)Week2 Unit3Week3 Unit2 STEP 1.2 Cloud Connector is up and running
java application iotmmsWeek5 Unit2HCP Account > Java Applications > iotmms
java application hubWeek5 Unit4HCP Account > Java Applications > hub

TRBL 2: Chrome: Allow invalid certificates for resources loaded from localhost

When you are calling UIs running on your local SAP S/4HANA system (e.g. https://localhost:44300) your browser will tell you that no valid certificate is available. In Google Chrome you can disable these warnings by allowing requests to localhost over HTTPS even when an invalid certificate is presented. You can change this setting here: chrome://flags#allow-insecure-localhost (you need to enter this URL manually into Chrome.)

TRBL 3: Internet Communication does not work with Proxy Server in Place

When you are working inside an enterprise network with a proxy server in place your development environment must be properly configured in several programs.

As depicted in the following diagram a network connection must be established between several programs running in the corporate network, the proxy server and your HCP trial account.


Visit the following sections from weeks 1 and 2 that describe how to configure proxy settings in various programs of your development environment:

ApplicationWeek - Unit - SectionOperating System
EclipseWeek 1 - Unit 5 - 5.2 Configure Proxy SettingsHost OS
Maven PluginWeek 1 - Unit 5 - 6.2 Configure Proxy for MavenHost OS
VirtualBox ManagerWeek 1 - Unit 6 - 3.1 Configure Internet ProxyHost OS
YaST (in VirtualBox)Week 1 - Unit 6 - 3.1 Configure Internet ProxyClient OS (openSUSE Linux VM)
Firefox (in VirtualBox)Week 1 - Unit 6 - 3.2 Test Internet ConnectionClient OS (openSUSE Linux VM)
SAP Cloud Connector (on VirtualBox)Week 2 - Unit 3 - 2.1 Set up Initial ConfigurationClient OS (openSUSE Linux VM)

TRBL 4: Fiori Configuration Cockpit - Cannot select tab Roles when editing Content

Symptom: In the Fiori Configuration Cockpit UI while editing Catalog content you want to navigate to another tab like Apps or Roles by using the mouse button. Due to a pending bug on control level the tab does not get selected via mouse button click.

Workaround: Use keyboard buttons instead. First click the Roles tab so that it gets the keyboard focus (highligted with a dotted rectangle). Or move the focus to the next tab via left arrow key. Press the Return keyboard button to select the tab. You can now enter data in the Assigned Roles input form.

TRBL 5: I have forgotten the Password of my SAP HANA Cloud Platform Trial Account - What can I do?

Don’t panic, just reset it using HCP User Profile Management.