Temporarily removed

This page has been temporarily removed, as it is out of date and requires rework. It will be republished when that work is finished. We do not have an expected completion date yet, but will update this page as soon as possible.

All of the projects can be found in the SAP GitHub repository.

What is it?

Source files for the SAP OSS web page / Features include filtering, ordering, instant search, URL access/update, file size optimization and GitHub API usage for listed projects. Project data stored in JSON for easy modification.

What is used?

Bootstrap 3 (SASS), jQuery 2, Font Awesome 4, Bower, Grunt with html/css/js/json/img minify + uglify

How to use it?

All the sources can be found in the “src” folder. Modify the files in there and run “grunt build” in the root folder to get all the dependencies and minified versions of your CSS/JS/JSON/HTML/Image files generated for you.


Apache 2.0